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It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.


Aquamarine Iran started out as a small facility in the year 2002 but has grown over the years to become one of the largest importer and wholesale distributor of tropical marine fish and inverts in Iran. We travel and visit breeders, also we have built up a good relationship with breeders, ensuring that we can provide marine aquarium enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase rare and beautiful fish & inverts with best price and quality. Also we provide our customers the best value and quality aquarium products such as aquarium accessories, decoration, salt, food, additives, medicine … and our warehouses are stocked with latest innovations the industry has to offer.



Ornamental Fish Farming


Distribution of aquatic species of saline water


Distributors of Quality Aquarium Products


Design and construction of the aquarium


Advice on designing, manufacturing and fixing saltwater aquariums


Aquarium medicine

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Address: No. 12, 3rd Alley, 63rd St., Vardavard St., Tehran, Iran

Email: Farhad@aquamarine.ir

Instagram: Aquamarine_iran

Telegram: Aquamarinefarhad